Retreat Program

Where are you at?

You get up in the morning tired. You feel anxious of the day coming. You feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities (job, family..). You are surrounding by technology. Your body has started to breakdown: niggling pain in your shoulders and neck, regular headaches, restricted movement. You feel disconnected with yourself, always on the edge.

What problems you might be facing right now?

You want to change your life but you don’t know how to do it.

Your sleep is short and not restful.

You don’t really look at what you eat or drink. You can go through the day without drinking water.

You lost control of your life

What you need help with right now?

You need a break from your actual life.

You need an in-depth guidance on how to make yourself a priority, how to take care of your self and how to live healthy again.

How can the Retreat program help you?

3 days out of the city, away from the technology, in the beautiful countryside, you will reset your body and your mind. 4 experts in their fields will be with you to come back on track with a twist.

It includes:

  • Meditation and gratitude sessions every day
  • Exercising session every day
  • 30 minutes massage and learn how to practice it
  • Experience the teaching and cooking from our nutritionist with a individual expertise
  • Practice mindfulness with our life coach
  • Accommodation
  • Homemade meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Drinks

What it doesn’t include:

  • Transports to the accommodation

Who are the Experts?

  • Vanessa will be one of your hosts and your movement specialist. She will take care of you during the meditation / gratitude and exercising sessions. You will discover with her “L’art de ne rien faire”, the French touch of any mind &body care. And she will make sure you feel comfortable and have what you need during your stay.
  • Ruth will be also one of your hosts. Her magic hands and words will make you out of stress and be confident in your moves.
  • Marcelle is our nutritionist. She will come on the Saturday to get you in the kitchen and check into your food.
  • Natasha is our life coach. She will give to your mindset a kind of tsunami.
More information about the team in the “about” page.

Where is the retreat?

Photos and details coming soon.

Ok I am ready for it, when is it?

Next dates will be announced soon.