Fit & Health Review

Where are you at?
You are feeling unfit , out of shape, disconnected from yourself. Your body feels heavy and stiff. You are struggling to keep up with everything you have to do during the day. You are getting frustrated as your body just doesn’t respond like you want and need.
What problems you might be facing right now?
Your lack of energy makes you more and more frustrated with your body and gets in the way of living the life you want. Everything becomes a challenge. As a result of it you wake up in the morning tired, you feel quickly out of breath climbing the stairs; having shopping bags is a big challenge for your shoulders; working long hours at a screen, you feel pain in your neck and shoulders and your lower back; your brain gets foggy and your energy is too low to be available for anything else. You would like to get in a healthy routine, but your lack of energy and knowledge is holding you back.
What you need help with right now?
You need to properly check on what’s going on in your mind, what is holding your back in your body and get clear on what your next steps are.
How can the “Body Check” help you?
In just 90 min discover with Vanessa’s guidance why your body is holding you back though a thorough assessment of your physicality but also the impact of your mind and your body fighting each other.
You will get:

  • a full physical assessment (let’s the body talk)
  • a body/mind assessment (who’s the boss)
  • a tailor made plan (the head lines and specific focus for you to train on) – the recording of the session and/or notes.
  • The assessment can be online or in person depending on the locality you live in.