Make Your Body Your Best Ally!

Where are you at?

You are feeling sluggish as you wake up. Your body feels heavy and stiff. You are struggling to keep up with everything you have to do during the day. You are getting frustrating as your body just doesn’t answer like you want and need. 

What problems you might be facing right now?

Your lack of energy makes you more and more frustrated with your body and gets in your way to live the life you want. Everything becomes a challenge.  As a result of it you wake up in the morning tired, you feel quickly out of breath by climbing the stairs, having shopping bags is a big challenge for your shoulders;  after sitting long hours on a screen, you feel pain in your neck and shoulders and your lower back, your brain gets foggy, your energy is too low to be available for anything else.

You would like to get in a healthy routine but your lack of energy and knowledge  is holding you back.

What you need help with right now?

You need someone to work closely with you, guiding you through each step with tailored made exercises to overcome your frustration and discomforts and make movement easy and exciting in your life.

You need help with your technique before moving on new challenges or getting to a class.

How can the “Make Your Body Your Best Ally!” program help you?

You are not alone anymore. These 8 weeks online program with Vanessa in the comfort of your own home will give you all the support you need to reset your relationship with your body and life. You will get taught personalized exercises with “hand on” corrections and advice from Vanessa. We will agree your goals (short and long term) and check on your progress regularly to make sure you are going to the right direction. 

It includes:

  • 6 hours one-to-one online sessions with Vanessa. they will be organised on the 8 weeks depending on your needs. 
  • the recordings of the sessions
  • lifetime access to the video trainings
  • a personalised routines plan adapting to your needs and your life
  • support through email and chat box 
  • 1 hour group call about nutrition with our expert Magalie Paillard
  • 1 hour group call about mindset with our expert Natasha Harris

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