The Body Harmony Code

Make peace with your body and move with ease to amplify your authentic self everyday.


“I claim my space”

The Body Harmony Code

The program to help you connect with your intuition and allow you to listen to your body signals

The program that will allow you to look at your body in the mirror with unconditional love

The program to help you create a peaceful bridge between your mind and body so your body no longer need to use pain to communicate with you


You’re here because:


feel detached from your body so much you literally can’t feel it on a physical level


feel completely numb towards your body


feel loosing your battle against anxiety


feel trapped in a paralysed body, overpowered by the negative thoughts spiral


feel pain in your joints that stops you from doing what you really desire to do or be


forgot what pure pleasure feels 


feel this weight on your shoulders, on your chest, in your throat 


feel stuck with a repetitive pain that doesn’t want to leave

Let me guess, you’re feeling some or a mixture of those things:

Hard to stick to a physical activity for a long term

Feeling lazy , stuck in the couch

Feeling overwhelmed by the constant flow of information from internet

Judging yourself on what you eat (or not), on how you look (or not)
overwhelmed by a never-ending to-do list that only concerns other people’s needs

Feeling also overwhelmed by all the recommendations on how to take care of yourself “that you should do everyday to be happy with you”

Feeling lost, far away from who you wanted to become
Not able to look at yourself in the mirror even avoiding any mirror

Scrolling social media to find the “perfect” activity, meal or fitness plan from celebrities

Always starting something new but not owning the new habit

Always saying “I’m trying..”

Feeling angry at your body for not giving you the results you have been working on

Relying on your mindset to change your body

to overeat or even binge to fill up a whole of “i am not enough”

body collapses during the day you feel you need to lie down

the need to loose weight at specific time/events of the year to be “presentable” or “accepted”

Body Harmony Code

In the Body Harmony Code programme,

I will show you exactly how to connect deeply with your body to drive your life from a place of love, not fear. You will work on an energetic, physical and mental level to coordinate what you desire to your reality. 

Most of women who come to me have done already a lot of work on themselves, especially seeing many doctors doing many medical check ups, trying every last trend in fitness and  even working on their mindset to control their body, just to be happy with what they see in the mirror. They have been doing so much but often not in a way that supports their well-being as a whole. And, I have to say, there is so much information on any media repeating the same partriachal patterns from the fitness industry, the celebrities and even doctors that just bring even more stress to our body and mental health. 

The thing is all of this stuff (even the mindset training) is, from my experience and my clients’ experiences, the longest way around because your body has the answers you are looking for and are usually mistranslated by the mind. It all starts with you and your perception of your body. 

This 6 month programme covers exactly all the energetic, emotional, physical, mental and practical steps a woman needs to feel free of ones’ unrealistic expectations about how her body should be and to know what is right for her.

The B.H.C programme will see you let your body express your soul, your truest self.

I know exactly where you are coming from because I have been there. I went through so many dark cycles of physical pain and trauma over the years that left me a strong feeling of just being a failure. That’s exactly why I do the work that I do today. It is my privilege to support women from feeling ashamed, unworthy, flawed, insecure to feeling grounded, proud, beautiful, at home in their body.

I was only 21 when I severely injured my back: a hernia in the Lumbar spine with a sciatica on each leg…just before starting my 2nd year in my fitness studies. The thing is it was the 3rd year I was getting injuries with long recovery so I was heartbroken when I got the process of recovery, at least another year with physiotherapy and rest, meaning another year watching my colleagues getting professional and even watching passing their exam. But, despite the difficulties I knew that the only way to survive was to learn and observe. I had already a sense of what could be improved into movement but having strong physical pain helped me realised what my real audience will go through in a class or any fitness programme I will provide. And I was lucky to have aGP and a physiotherapist who listened to me and my body. That’s how I understood this crucial turning point in my life that Pain is a messenger not the enemy.

When you shift your perception, you allow yourself to receive the message. Every injury, pain, challenge I experienced in my life lead me to see how all the “little things”, that are still so much underrated, are the foundations of every actions, movements, decisions we make every day, every minute.

I thought working in the fitness industry will be the solution for everything: managing my weight, keeping fit and helping others. But after 20 years, many injuries, eating disorder and a burn out, I have finally realised that the problem was not how much disciplined I was or how much consistent I was or how badly I wanted it. I found out what I have been missing all along: my body is my compass to live at the fullest.

In the Body Harmony Code programme, I have created what my former self then needed to feel worthy of her life without proving she deserves it.




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This programme is for you if you:

Here’s what we’ll do through these 6 months together

Recognise the real voice behind your perception of yourself to be able to change it

Understand how your body communicates with you and be able to translate accurately the messages

Create news tailor made rituals and habits that will support any ambitions you have in life

Realigning your posture

Developing a deep awareness of your thoughts, feelings and emotions

Bring your movement to a new level of consciousness 

And so much more…

The Body Harmony Code

The Body Harmony Code combines the conscious and subconscious work as well as the physical, emotional and practical techniques required for you to leave your past patterning, programming and stress behind and create a completely new future for yourself and version of you.

You will be supported by me throughout the programme and the group of like minded women.

The Body Harmony Code is my favourite and ultimate programme that combines everything I have learnt in 1 place to best support you on your personal journey.
This online programme continues to expand as I expand and grow and new modalities and methods.

Hello I am Vanessa

Vanessa is a body Whisperer, movement facilitator and host of “Speak up, Darling” show. She works with women who struggle with their relationship with their body through her private practice, her online programme and her podcast. Vanessa supports and inspires them to become their truest self embracing their body. She has become the bridge between pain and healing, between anger and peace, between women and their body with the power of love and compassion. 

Vanessa’s intention is to see women step into their soul power and master their way to communicate with their body to be truly in charge of their health and peace. If she can heal her relationship with her body and embrace her power, then you can do too. Vanessa invites you to step forwards into your fullest potential. 

Vanessa currently lives in London with her husband and her 2 kids. She spends as much time she can in the woods of Hampstead Heath barefoot with a book in one hand and a coffee in the other or dancing her butt off in the kitchen. 

Her motto: You see the solution to any problem from the moment you shift your perception of the situation. 

In just 6 months, you will: