About Vanessa

Hi my name is Vanessa, Body Whisper and Movement Facilitator and I’m the founder of Feel.Move.Be.®

I work with  women who are struggling with their body and need to get stronger, fitter and to move with ease.

I work with people who are in it for the long game and who understand that unless they make changes in the way they work and live they will be forever stuck in pain. They are people who invest in their wellbeing and are committed to their own improvement.

My clients have been telling me for years that I work differently for others personal trainers. It took me a while to understand why. Certainly not the French touch but the way I understand my clients’ body that allow me to help them. My story will explain how.

My Story

Movement has always been a great and big part in my life and helped me so much in different ways.

It has started with modern jazz dance that I practiced between the age of 5 and 18 years old. Then I changed a bit and turned to martial arts with taekwondo and tai chi chuan until I got injured.

Injuries and obviously the pain that comes with it made a huge impact on my life: how to keep moving with the pain around, that was my goal.

Fitness and weight training was my first approach to get stronger and fitter. And it worked …. For a while.

I was 21 when I hurt badly my back. I was at the beginning of my 2nd year of sports studies and a professor just said:” you have a slipped disc, no chance in a fitness career”. I think you could imagine how devastating it could be. But I didn’t listen to him; I just felt that I would find my way. The Pilates matwork method has been the savor of my career. It made me realize the complexity of the body and how important it is to listen what your body is telling you.

Motherhood was another turning point in my life. Even with a good connection with your body, Mother Nature has always a surprise! For me, it was finding a way to move and support my body and my baby without my abs and going through constant pain in my hips and pubic bone. It took time and gentle exercises to build a new body, a new balance.

I haven’t finished to learn about the body and whatever happens I know I will find a way to move. Not just because I love it but because our bodies are made for movement.

Remember impossible means I’m possible.


  • Brevet d’Etat des `métiers de la Forme (equivalent EREPS level 4 : gym instructor, group exercise instructor and personal trainer
  • Pilates matwork BodyControlPilates
  • Pilates BodyControl reformer 1
  • Les Mills : bodyjam, bodycombat, cxworks, bodypump, bodystep
  • Certificate zumba
  • Studying AMN practitioner level 1
  • TUPLER Technique ® Trainer

My Interests

To find different ways to help people in pain to move and enjoy their life whatever the circumstances.

I choose also to work with different experts as I think in order to change, we need several and different inputs.