Success Stories

I met Vanessa following a long hospital admission after being diagnosed with a blood clot in my lung 3 years ago. From being fit and able to do boot camp classes 4 days per week, I was left unable to walk down a corridor without getting breathless- at 24 this isn’t where I wanted to be. I also suffer from chronic pain due to autoimmune condition and find it difficult to find a healthy balance where I can keep myself fit yet make sure I don’t over do it. Vanessa knows exactly how to do this for me! Over the years she has taught me how and has got my fitness levels back up to almost where I was before I got sick. Vanessa always kept me motivated and made my sessions fun and helped me to set realistic goals. Despite these goals, she always adapted her exercise programme to my ability that day – some days I can do more and others less and she understands. Just by looking at your posture and your movements she knows what muscles are weaker or overworked and she makes you aware of your unhealthy habits, which contribute to this. I have seen 4 physiotherapists, and to me Vanessa has helped me more than anyone – both in terms of overcoming physical and mental challenges. I would strongly recommend Vanessa to anyone, especially to those who suffer from chronic pain/ a dodgy back or anything that needs some looking after in a responsible manner.

Gold Programme

I just had my initial consultation with Vanessa and I loved it! I have quite a physical background but have never had a gym membership or a personal trainer before. I went with an open mind and was really impressed. Vanessa was really thorough in the way that she questioned me and assessed me and she picked up on my weak spots instantly. However I didn’t feel judged or overanalyzed and came away feeling clear and positive about what a training plan would consist of and how this would help me in the long run. I would recommend Vanessa to anyone.

After a free 30' session

I was feeling under confident after a back injury and wanted to lean how to exercise safely and without feeling nervous of further injury.

I had never used a PT before and although I could see it would be beneficial I was worried about whether it could deliver an improvement and be worth the money and the time investment.

Vanessa was very flexible, open and adapted the exercises for me from starting slowly and gently to pushing me further when I got fit again.

The best results I have had with her program was I could feel my confidence coming back as much as my fitness. Also I know now how to adapt my exercises to my level if necessary.


Kickstart programme

I wasn’t very active and not at all flexible. Working with Vanessa, has been good for me. As she knows, I wasn’t very happy to start with because I just didn’t want to do it. I feel she has been very conscious of that fact and am a lot happier doing exercise now. She is a great PT, she explains things well and is very encouraging which is what I need! The best results I got is I am lot fitter.

Gold programme

I had a series of knee injuries and after the last one I get even more insecure about using my body. I also realised the asymmetry in my muscles as they were visible, and my sport performance was quite hectic. I could not identify the issues exactly but the frequent back pain and headache suggested that there were fundamental issues with how I use my body.   

I had no reservations, as I heard Vanessa talking in a workshop about how she approaches body work, and I got the picture that she had a deep understanding of the mechanics of the body and would be able to identify what needs to be improved and could personalise the program for me.  

It was a very tailored process, started with discovering how I move around in my own environment, so Vanessa helped to adjust the places where I spend most of my time at. The strengthening was gradually built up with ongoing support on the exercises. I got a lot of useful guidance how to spot body signals and how to act on them. Some exercises I’ve embedded into my daily routine because they fit very well with my body and support my further plans in sport. 

The most valuable thing was learning core approaches to get my core and limbs synchronised so I could be more stable and stronger in my movements. With that, I can safely increase the intensity of my training without risking another injury.


6 month programme