Tupler Technique

Where are you at?
You feel unhappy with your tummy. You have tried everything to get it flatter, slimmer but it still is there.
You might have noticed a gap in your muscles or even been diagnosed having a diastasis recti (or separation between your abdominal muscles).
What problems you might be facing right now?
You are struggling to get fit and strong on a long term basis. Your tummy always seems to be the one holding your back:

  • you feel the need to lie down often to relieve your back pain, you feel boated after eating on a regular basis
  • You feel like collapsing during the day as your back give up to support your body and your daily activities
  • You feel unhappy about the look of your tummy, you avoid to look at it
  • You feel your guts uneasy, taking more time to digest or even properly going to the loo is difficult
What you need help with right now?
You need to heal your diastasis to get your core strong and get rid of every little pain caused by it once and for all.

You need the right technique for you to close this separation: just 4 natural steps to transform your tummy for good.

You need someone to guide you and support you in the Tupler Technique programme.

How can the Tupler Technique programmes help you?
The main goal of the TUPLER technique is to heal the connective tissue between your separated muscles. We are going to do that in 3 ways:

  • bringing the muscles together:
  • by wearing continuously the splints
  • from week 4, adding the Together Tape
  • from week 4, double splinting on the exercises
  • strengthening the Transverse muscle:
    with specific exercises that will gradually change during the 6 weeks – breath differently
  • use your core during your daily activities
  • protecting your connective tissue by avoiding:
  • abdominal facing downwards positions
  • any cross over movement
  • To allow your connective tissue to heal, it is important to NOT do any other exercise programme such as weight training, sport activities or fitness classes…
    But you can walk on treadmill or outside, use up straight bike or cross trainers.

To check on your tummy, claim your feel belly check