Remember the Flamingo? I asked you to stand on one leg to see how wobbly you were. Well let’s go a bit deeper into the subject (not the flamingo I’m afraid) but how you can improve your posture by making sure first that your body is stable and safe.

I am talking about proprioception. Proprio-what? (I can hear you say) this means how your brain senses the environment by taking information from different part of the body when you are moving or not. The receptors can be found in your eyes, ears, neck, ankles and feet.

You also have an unconscious proprioception that gives information about the muscle tone level and the coordination level. Just like Spiderman. How amazing is that!

These receptors are directly found in your muscles: the nervous system gives feedback from the muscle stretch or tensions to the brain (and vice versa), like a spider web.

So without knowing it, our body works hard to maintain our balance, to make sure we are safe. The thing is it tends to choose the easiest way (or the more used). Have you ever noticed how much your shoulders tense up when you are working for a long time on your computer.

And worse, by repeating the same thing every day over time, your shoulder muscles will be so used to it that you won’t feel anything. No pain message coming through to say Stop (that is numbness) until you get stuck with a frozen shoulder or tendinitis.

The good news is you can teach your body. Exercising will give the strength to your muscles and by doing so the sensitivity to the receptors to be faster to react.

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Vanessa DURAND

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