I am sitting on my couch, reading others’ success stories and how they get what they want.
I should feel “yes that is possible, I can do it too” right? Well NOT-AT-ALL. I am just feeling like a pile of crap. Not even being to move myself from it.

Just stuck on my couch, glued to my tablet feeling nothing really… like this forever. I am thinking, “I just want to run away from this shit”. Have you ever thought that? Running away from your problems, from everything and everyone? Because everyone knows: New is always better.

But far away from my husband, from my son, my friends… from myself?

So what can I do to shift my mindset right now?

I grab my tablet, go on YouTube and get up. I choose “runaway” from Bruno Mars. And I can feel my body waking up, wanting to move again and I literally run in my fucking small living room. But the song is too short,
So I press repeat…. And I add other moves. My hips bouncing side to side
I press repeat… My arms go up and down and side and forwards
I press repeat… I can just feel the music, you know? The vibration coming through every part of the body. Like someone plugged you in.
I press repeat and again and again… until I hear my son crying in his sleep. I run to him. As I take him in my arms, I can feel this wave of love growing in me for him, for my husband. I am not alone. I can breathe again. I am able to receive love and to give love. I am me again.

I don’t need a knight in shining amour to save me. Just a word, a music (maybe YouTube!) to reconnect with myself.

So when you are stuck, feeling low, make this first move: hit the play button, find your favorite music and get your body moving.

Vanessa Durand

I help people to discover and to develop their own superpowers through exercise. Find out yours contact me vanessfitness82@gmail.com