Today let’s celebrate the fantastic but discreet job of the Pelvic Floor.

How exciting is that? No? Embarrassing maybe?

Well if it I tell you that it can improve your posture, reduce and prevent bloating, support continence and optimize your sex life. More interested, aren’t you?

Now I ask you to visualize your pelvis like a big salad bowl with a hole at the bottom. Inside there is a tissue covering the hole: that is your pelvic floor (obviously a lot simplified). And inside you will find different beans (bladder, anus, vagina/penis, sphincters…) well organized with their own job to do. And these beans need a really supportive bag.

For example if your bladder is full and you are dancing in your favorite class, you don’t want to leave but you really need to pee. You need some guardian literally closing the gate, until you are sitting on the toilet, underwear down. That is one of the jobs of the pelvic floor: controlling the outcome of your body at the right time.
So what could you do to improve its performance?

First, do you feel these muscles? If not, imagine you need to go the toilet and try to close the “gate” without squeezing your bum. Got it?

Now, to make it fitter:

– Sit on the edge of the chair, your feet on the ground
– Straighten your spine up
– Inhale, opening your ribs to the sides
– As you exhale, “zip” your muscles inside your pelvis like you will zip your jeans, gently
– Keep spine and pelvis still
– As you inhale, relax the muscles also gently
– Repeat 10 times and make sure your bum is not involved (you want a relaxed bum in this case)
– How did it go? Do you feel the power you can create into your hips? This energy rising up?

You see, you just need some beans and a bag to make you full of life and energy.
Want to know more? Need further support to activate this area? Let’s have a chat about it.

Vanessa DURAND

I help people to discover and to develop their own superpowers through exercise. Find out yours contact me