Paro came to me 4 years ago with the intention to practice Pilates. She wanted to get stronger and improve her posture. Her major obstacle was, well, her body: she has rheumatoid arthritis meaning that her joints (wrists, ankles, feet) are attacked by her antibodies. I am sure you can imagine how tormenting the pain is. Fortunately, she has strong medicine to cope with it. But the medicine doesn’t give her strength!

So we chose first to start with Pilates exercises to tone the deepest muscles and to make her more mobile. A few weeks later, her husband and some friends of them noticed how her posture had changed.

As we moved forwards together, I wanted to challenge her with more combined exercises such as pushups and squats. It took a few months for her to be able to do 15 pushups with leg straight. But what a beautiful surprise when she showed me that! I was so proud of her!

Nowadays, I have included boxing, Tabata training, jumps. And you know what? She can do everything on her own terms (a bit of mine too). She didn’t need annual steroids injection. And she even has a new goal: running!

I do believe exercising is one of the ways to feel better especially with pain. And you can make the choice to move more. See where your determination can take you and if you don’t know where to start, contact me for a free consultation.

Remember, make it happen!

Vanessa Durand

I help people to discover and to develop their own superpowers through exercise. Find out yours contact me